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Magazine Articles
1999 3000GT VR4 (R&T 1999)
Bee Racing's GTO (T&HTP 10/99)
1999 3000GT VR4 (T&HTP 6/99)
1998 3000GT VR4 (R&T 1998)
1997 3000GT VR4 (MT 5/97)
1996 3000GT VR4 Spyder (SCI 10/96)
Adam Weltz' 1996 3000GT VR4 (SS 9/98)
1991-1994 3000GT/Stealth (R&T 8/96)
1995 3000GT VR4 (SCI 8/95)
1995 3000GT VR4 Spyder (T&HTP 7/94)
1994 3000GT VR4 (SCI 12/93)
HKS 3000GT VR4 (MT 7/93)
Noland's 1993 3000GT VR4 (SS ?/9?)
1991 Stealth TT vs. 1991 300ZX (C&D 8/91)
1991 Stealth R/T TT (T&HTP 3/91)
1991 3000GT VR4 Comparo (AW 2/91)
1991 3000GT VR4 (HR 11/90)
1991 Stealth TT/3000GT VR4 (MT 10/90)
1991 Stealth R/T TT (SCI 9/90)
1991 3000GT VR4 (R&T 9/90)
1991 Stealth TT/3000GT VR4 (C&D 3/90)
1991 Stealth R/T TT (Auto 3/90)
1991 3000GT HSX (MT 1/90)
VR4 Spyder Mega Literature Site by Jeff Mulligan

Stealth Tech
W5MG1, W6MG1 AWD Transmission Manual (2.6 MB pdf file)
1993 3000GT Technical Information Manual (45.2 MB pdf file - high resolution)
1993 3000GT Technical Information Manual (12.5 MB pdf file - medium resolution)
1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual (9 MB pdf file - low resolution)
1991 Stealth Technical Information Manual
1990 Talon Technical Information Manual (15 MB pdf file)
6G72 DOHC Timing Events
Diagnostic Connector (1991-1993)
Fuel Injection Control and Fuel Cut
Fuel Injectors
Ignition System (DOHC)
Production Numbers by Michael Reid
Spark Plugs

Upgrade Guides
Fuel Pump
K&N Air Filter

Parts Guides
MOTOR Guide '91-'99 3000GT
Mitchell Guide '91-'96 Stealth

Motor and Gear Oil
Pennzoil Synchromesh
Red Line MTL & MT-90
Red Line Gear Oils
Red Line Synthetic Motor Oils

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